Dobrý voják Svejk (1957)

Comedy / War • 202 minutes  7.7/10
Starring: Rudolf Hrušínský Svatopluk Beneš Eva Svobodová Josef Hlinomaz František Filipovský Miloš Kopecký Božena Havlíčková Felix le Breux and others.
Director: Karel Steklý Writer: Karel Steklý Music: Jan Seidel
Released • August 23, 1957

Good-natured and garrulous, Švejk becomes the Austrian army's most loyal Czech soldier when he is called up on the outbreak of World War I -- although his bumbling attempts to get to the front serve only to prevent him from reaching it. Playing cards and getting drunk, he uses all his cunning and genial subterfuge to deal with the police, clergy, and officers who chivy him toward battle.

Бравый солдат Швейк / Dobry vojak Svejk (1957) HDRip от ExKinoRay | D.torrent

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A.K.A. DE: Der brave Soldat Schwejk in Prag  ES: El valeroso soldado Svejk  FR: Dobrý voják Švejk  HU: Svejk, a derék katona  PL: Dobry wojak Szwejk  PT: Dobrý voják Švejk  RU: Бравый солдат Швейк