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1.Home (2019)
In Production • October 18, 2019 • Documentary
UK Adventurer Sarah Outen travels the world during her London2London: Via The World expedition, only for the expedition - and Sarah's life and mental health - to be put at risk by violent weather.
2.Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea (2019)
Released • September 13, 2019 • Documentary
In this documentary, Chelsea Handler explores how white privilege impacts American culture -- and the ways it’s benefited her own life and career.
3.Illuminated: The True Story of the Illuminati (2019)
Released • July 30, 2019 • Documentary
The true historical account of the Illuminati, exposing the actual rituals of the secret society, and answering the age-old question of whether or not the order still exists.
4.Are You Proud? (2019)
Released • July 26, 2019 • Documentary
ARE YOU PROUD? meets key campaigners and investigates the organisations and events that have contributed to substantial progress within the western LGBTQ+ liberation movement, focusing on the...