Mistresses (2019)

Comedy • 97 minutes
Starring: Paulina Andreeva Aleksandra Bortich Yuliya Aleksandrova Mariya Shalaeva Sergey Garmash Yuriy Kutsenko Yuriy Stoyanov Maksim Lagashkin and others.
Released • February 28, 2019

Three ordinary Moscow girls meet in a bar by chance to find out that they all just dumped their boyfriends who turned out to be married. For starters, the girls decide to revenge their exes. After finally doing it they hit on an idea to help female fellow sufferers to compromise their unfaithful husbands and double lovers using their wit and artistic skills.

A.K.A. DE: Lovers  ES: Lovers  FR: Lovers  NZ: Lovers  PT: Lovers  RU: Любовницы