The Wandering Earth (2019)

Action / Drama / Science Fiction • 126 minutes
Starring: Qu Chuxiao Li Guangjie Zhao Jinmai Wu Jing Ng Man Tat Michael Kai Sui Qu Jingjing Zhang Yichi and others.
Director: Frant Gwo Screenplay: Frant Gwo Gong Geer Junce Ye Yan Dongxu Zhixue Yang Director of Photography: Michael Liu Producer: Gong Geer Editor: Cheung Ka-Fai Ye Ruchang Original Music Composer: Roc Chen Tao Liu
Released • February 5, 2019

When the Sun begins to expand in such a way that it will inevitably engulf and destroy the Earth in a hundred years, united mankind finds a way to avoid extinction by propelling the planet out of the Solar System using gigantic engines, moving it to a new home located four light years away, an epic journey that will last thousands of years.

A.K.A. CN: Liu lang di qiu  DE: Die wandernde Erde  ES: La Tierra errante  KR: 유랑지구  RU: Блуждающая Земля